Your Gift Guide This Holiday Season


This year really went by so fast. It feels like I just celebrated Christmas with my family last month. Whew! I guess I really enjoyed 2016. I met a lot of new friends, did a lot of “firsts”, and received so many blessings.

Christmas is the perfect time to give back and share blessings to your loved ones and friends. And since it’s already December, most of the places are too crowded so better find a shop where you can buy gifts for your whole family and friends.

One of Canada’s leading fashion retailers, Joe Fresh, brings a contemporary point of view to everyday wardrobe. They have a wide selection of apparel – from tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear for all ages. They offer modern pieces fit for every personality. Joe Fresh truly provides style and quality for the entire family. It’s like a one stop shop! If you still haven’t finished shopping for Christmas, here’s a gift guide that will help you find the perfect present for your loved ones.


I went to Joe Fresh in Trinoma last month to find the perfect gifts for my family and friends. Let me show you my favourites!


My mom’s style is more of a classic dressing, so these tops and dresses reminded me of her. I’m sure these would be perfect for her!


If you don’t like to give clothes, you can give her accessories instead! These ones are so classy yet affordable.


Men’s corner. My dad really loves to dress up. He seldom repeat clothes and his style is always on point. I can already imagine him wearing the one on the mannequin! My brother is more chill though. He’s still in school so he doesn’t dress up a lot but I can always see him wearing a jacket whenever he go to school. I really think he will love those jackets/pullovers!


My sister’s style is laidback. She always wear a polo/shirt + jeans combination with a parka jacket.


They also have clothes for babies – toddlers. Spot those tiny leggings and skirts!! So cute! I really love shopping for babies! Everything is just so cute!


If you want to dress them up for Christmas, these cute onesies are perfect!!


Joe Fresh also has a lot clothes for winter. So if you plan to go to somewhere cold this Christmas, you better make a stop here.


Accessories for your officemates / friends for only less than 500 pesos for the whole set!!


More office wear for your titas and titos.





Top and pants from Joe Fresh

You can never run out of Christmas gift ideas if you’re in Joe Fresh. Everything’s in style and affordable. I’m sure no one would say no to new clothes this Christmas! Share your blessings and let them feel loved.

Visit Joe Fresh in Trinoma and Shangri-la Plaza.



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