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Yes to more beach trips!



Whitening products are non-existent to me as I grew up with a fairly white skin. But it wasn’t until last year when I started attending a lot of trips for work. I go to the beach twice or even thrice a month. I had shoots where I have no choice but to stay under the sun for the whole day. Sometimes I tend to forget to put sun protection, which made me feel worried about my skin. After the numerous trips I had for the past months, can you imagine what my skin looks like now? Well I know what you’re thinking. Yes, my color is a little bit tan now but surprisingly, I didn’t have dark spots and blemishes. My skin still looks fresh as it is before. My secret? Kojie San products!


Before I discovered Kojie San, my skin looks so pale and dry after my trips. It didn’t have that certain glow. I experienced my skin peeling off. It was so damaged. All I do is put lotion to add moisture but it’s definitely not enough. My friends told me to use Kojie San. I started getting a lot of positive feedbacks about it so I gave it a try!


It’s been a month since I started using Kojie San and it didn’t disappoint me. I had a lot of trips and shoots under the sun but my skin remained to be fair. It moisturized and even out my skin tone. Some of my scars are not that visible unlike before. I was really surprised how my skin turned out.



So for my daily routine, I use Kojie San whitening soap for my face and body twice a day, same with Kojie San body lotion. Then I apply the toner and cream before I go to sleep. If you want to have a skin like mine, try this formula and see for yourself!








Don’t be afraid to show off your skin under the sun with Kojie San!

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