What’s Keeping Me Busy


Having 2 jobs is really hard especially if the other one requires a lot of effort from you. Some of you think that being a blogger is so easy, effortless, and glamorous but the real thing is, it isn’t always like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, I enjoy it but there are times when I just want to stop because of stress.

Most of the time, I go to events (store openings, product launches, mall sales, meet and greets, etc.), mingle with my co-bloggers, socialize, do products shots, take ootd photos. I really jump from one venue to the other. I do this 4-5 times a week. It’s fun, but sometimes is a little draining.


Trip to Tagum, Davao


Corriedigor day trip for Fujifilm


Attending music festivals


Meet and Greet in Cagayan De Oro


I love to blog but demands don’t really fit my schedule most of the time. Whenever I don’t have events or shoots, I work on our family business. The time I allot joggling work and blogging requires me double effort on both fields. That in itself causes situations that are too dragging physically and mentally. I must say, that’s where stress comes into the picture.

After weeks of continuous social gatherings, travels and work, I noticed that my skin changed a bit. It came to a point that my face looked dull and pale. Dark circles have been in attack. That’s why on my free time, I make sure I get to relax and unwind a little. We all need that, atleast, to balance everything out.

I know it isn’t just me experiencing this problem. Watch “7 Things Girls Stress About That Guys Just Don’t Get” and see what I’m talking about and let me know what you think!



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