Weekend Dressing


Dressing up for the weekend is so easy since it is the time where you can dress up or dress down. Some wants to dress up during weekends especially those who wear uniform during weekdays, others just sport the “lazy day” outfits or the “off-duty” looks. You have the freedom on what to wear, whatever that will make you feel comfortable. But as a blogger, there is no such thing as weekends for us. Everyday is a working day. As long as there’s an event, we go.

Fact: I don’t leave the house without my camera. Is it a must in a blogger’s bag. We need to be ready anytime! For our events, ootd shoots, product shoots and filler shoots. Okay, if you don’t understand what fillers are, those are the artsy photos we take in order to make our feed balanced. Like in my case, the “whites”. So a good camera is really important for me. But there are a lot of times where i can’t bring my cam because it won’t fit inside my bag. It is such a hassle if i bring a small bag then a separate camera bag. Well, I’m so happy to share with you guys my latest discovery!



Huawei is setting the bar one step higher with it’s newest innovation, the Huawei P9. It has a 5.2-inch screen display with 96% color saturation and high contrast. It is co-engineered with Leica creating a stunning dual-lens camera in a Smartphone. Each camera has a 12-megapixel sensors, 1 RGB and 1 monochrome which intelligently combines the colors taken by the RGB sensor with the detail of the monochrome sensor. It captures clearer, faster and more vivid than a regular smartphone even in low light. My favorite feature of this phone is the wide aperture effect including a choice of film modes and monochrome mode achieving the professional photographic effects, which is perfect when shooting our ootds. If you’ll notice, us bloggers, we really want the bokeh effect in the background so that the subject will be clearer. And yes, you can achieve that effect using this phone! It also has a longer battery life (3,000mah), stronger Wi-Fi connectivity and enhanced finger print sensor.

I already got mine and of course I tried it for my ootd shoots! Huawei didn’t fail me. Before, I don’t settle for phone cameras for my ootd photos because of the low quality but now, I don’t even have to bring my camera with me all the time.

Let me share with you my top 3 outfits weeks ago shot using my Huawei P9


This is what i wore to my Cebu trip last week. I was in the mood for to wearing my pink skirt. I feel like i’m a student or tennis girl enjoying her weekend far away from Manila! Haha Just a breezy outfit for a day out. Who doesn’t love to wear skorts (skirt/shorts) during weekend right? This is my version of a lazy day look!




Weekend life of a blogger. Went to a mall to attend events the whole day! I made sure to feel comfortable so i just wore a pants, polo and heels. These photos were taken at a rooftop parking of a mall and it was raining during that time but i still managed to take superb quality photos using my Huawei P9! No need for a perfect lighting with my baby!




Sunday fun day! Since it’s crazy hot here in Manila, I wore this floral dress last weekend to my date with David. You can never look plain with a dress like this! I seldom wear printed pieces but this dress is an exemption. I just feel like it is perfect for a date or just a Sunday with the family! You can also wear flats with this one if you feel like you can’t stay long with heels! This set is my favorite. I think I found the perfect backdrop for my outfit!! So magical right? I used the aperture setting of my camera to achieve these photos!! Very Leica!!




Can’t wait to share with you guys more photos taken using my Leica P9!! I’m sure I’m going to abuse this one! I’m sure I’m going to bring this to my future travels. Handy dandy!



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