The Best Move


Life plays so many cute little tricks on me sometimes and I just love how it surprises me in so many different and unexpected ways.

Just like how I met my best friend/boyfriend I fondly call, Silly/Lovey.  I’d say now that the craziest, but heck yes, best thing I’ve done that one special day a few years back, was when I was at a bazaar and I asked for a picture taken with David. That started it all actually. I’m quite shy to admit that but hey, it was supposed to be just one innocent pic — turned L-o-v-e found!


( Bloggers United 5, June 2, 2013 )

Now, I’m bold and brave enough to admit that it was my best pick up move ever! Turns out, that paved the way for him to actually bust out his best move too!  If you’ve seen our YouTube video, you know what I mean! ( Click here if you haven’t seen the video ) I really didn’t see that coming! But yes, it was a 100% kilig moment! I’d like to believe that the stars and angels must have worked out everything around us so we can meet that day. LOL haha!

Sometimes, guys need a little (oftentimes, A LOT!) encouragement too! They too, can get shy and timid most especially when they’re in front of a girl who looks and feels good about herself. Yes, it shows and they see it. Sometimes, guys are just waiting for that sign that says hey, it’s okay to say hi!  Sad to say, some guys are just plain clueless, so it’s up to us to show them.


So this is us now! Taken on our trip to Japan last December 2016.

Of course, confidence is key. It’s hard to just walk up to someone when you don’t feel good about yourself. When you look good, you feel good, and that’s uniquely San Miguel Light Beer.

Watch this newest video of San Miguel Light Beer featuring Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco to get some tips on how to let a guy that you like him. Malay mo, maging effective!!

Just be ready to meet more and for sure mas #mahabahabangInuman.



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