It’s summer—all you want is a refreshing drink, a cold dessert or anything to sooth the palette. Well, not for me. My friends always tease me that I have a weird appetite but I think a lot of people would agree with me that a spicy dish can work at any season, do you agree? You guys know that I love sharing with you Tokyo Tokyo’s newest additions to their menu (you can call me Tokyo Tokyo’s official correspondent lol) and I am here to bear great news that they have a new dish! *Drum roll please* It’s the new Tokyo Tokyo Sriracha Donburi! Oh yes. Tokyo Tokyo’s Donburi line is well-loved by Filipinos to begin with, but we have become more adventurous in terms of discovering and trying new dishes and cuisines. We, Filipinos have learned to be more experimental with the food that we eat. Maybe because more and more restaurants have been opening in the metro—it can also be because Filipinos are well travelled now.


A little background story, I’m a sucker for Filipino food. I would only eat the usual Filipino comfort food—adobo, sinigang, kare-kare, name all the local delicacies and I probably know all of them (plus a few exotic ones!). But since I started traveling, it has broadened my love for different cuisines. Now I don’t think I can survive a week without eating Japanese food! Recently I have become to appreciate spicy food. There’s something about it that gives you a different kind of experience. It is only fitting that Tokyo Tokyo released the new Sriracha Donburi! Now in case you have been living under a rock, sriracha is a type of hot sauce or chili paste made of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Sriracha is a firing combination of sweet and spicy, adding a bit distinction from the typical chili paste. It’s been used in different kind of dishes, and even snacks. Most foodies are fond of any meal with a touch of spice for it allows them to experience a mix of pleasure and pain as they savor a fiery serving. But don’t worry, it’s a good kind of pain that lingers with an excitement and refreshing aftermath. I know a lot of people who has those little sriracha bottles which you can hook to your bags—that’s how obsessed they are!



The new Tokyo Tokyo Sriracha Donburi is a bursting combination of tender Beef Misono, crunchy onion rings and delicate nitamago egg all drizzled with Sriracha Mayo and showered with a crunch of tempura crumbs to add a layer of texture on top of spicy Sriracha flavored rice. Yum! Writing this blog post is tickling my tastebuds! I need to sleep this off and go to Tokyo Tokyo again, first thing in the morning!



The new Tokyo Tokyo Sriracha Donburi is now available for only P155.

Head on the nearest Tokyo Tokyo and tag @TokyoTokyoPhilippines on Instagram and Facebook and @TokyoTokyoPHL on Twitter as you savor the new fiery Donburi flavor! Other Donburi variants of Pork Katsudon, Chicken Oyakodon, Beef Pepper, and Tempura are also available in Tokyo Tokyo.




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