My Summer Must-Haves


The year is just starting but yes, I’m already starting to prepare myself for summer.  My crazy excited self screams, “I can’t wait to be reunited with the sea soon!” Summer is my favorite season and I’m guessing it’s yours too. I’m grateful we’re in a tropical country and living here has its perks. We’re just a couple of hours away from the beach! Because it’s always hot and sunny, there’s a million and one reasons why people love flocking to the beach.

Since summer season is just around the corner, I would like to share with you guys my ultimate summer must-haves. Because it’s never too early to prepare for this much awaited break!  Of course, a girl’s trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without her summer essentials. Let me share them with you!


Bag from Roxy

I like taking with me a big and spacious bag so I can put all my necessities in there. You can never go wrong with one that has a simple yet nice beach feel print, of course!


Olive green bikini from Soak Swimwear ( @soakswimwear ) | Floral neoprene swimsuit from Etestyle ( @etestyle )

Go for something fresh, bright and fun! Most definitely, you’ll be the belle of the beach! Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the sun, surf and sand! Go ahead and have a blast!


Hat from Soak Swimwear ( @soakswimwear )

It’s important to have one to protect our face from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We don’t want to worry about those annoying sun spots later on, do we? Not to mention, it adds a little spunk to whatever we’re wearing.


Sunscreens from Belo SunExpert

I truly believe that a good sunscreen will keep unwanted wrinkles away. With my everyday sun exposure, I don’t worry because I make sure that I protect myself. Not only during the summer season actually.  Because sun’s rays can be damaging to skin, I now make it a daily habit to apply Belo Essentials SunExpert. I love it because it provides broad spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. I make sure I’m sun proofed so I wear it everyday so that I”ll always look, feel and stay young. Remember, we’re all one step away from saving our skin. Just add extra when you’re out and about enjoying the waves with your favorite people! Don’t forget to re-apply after your dip!


Sunscreen for your face and body!


My favorite! The sheer spray – easiest thing to apply! I also use mist after swimming.


This gives superior sun protection and skin coverage.


Sunnies from Ray-ban

Eye care is just as important as skin care so I bring along my sunnies everywhere I go, summer or not

There you have it guys, my ultimate summer must-haves. Make it yours too and let’s all enjoy that the beach, just like summer, is just around the corner! See you at the beach!



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