My Summer Companion


Nothing spells summer like a spontaneous out of town trip! The thrill and excitement it brings always make me so giddy like a 9-year old little girl. I remember when we were kids, my sister and I would run to our rooms and race who can finish packing our beach stuff first. Whoever wins would get to choose the best seat in the car. Of course, the winner will have front row seat access to all bright, beautiful and picture-perfect beach scenery. You might want to know who wins – well, it’s always my sister! But, no worries! I just irritate her the whole trip and poke my head in between her and my dad. I guess all the packing excites me too much too, that I can’t decide which ones to bring. (wink*)


Years later, I’m still that giddy little girl who gets excited for summer adventures! Everything just spells F-U-N! The sights, sounds and smell all seem to work out well together. On the other hand though, the intense heat can get unbearable sometimes. Back then, I didn’t give a care in the world if I get toasted and/or get itchy all over my body. I simply can’t stop playing! Honestly, who can?? I was a little girl in her playground and nothing can stop me from enjoying. Now that I have become more aware of the harmful effects of too much sun exposure, I have learned to keep myself protected at all times. Of course, we all know by now that applying sunscreen is a MUST. But, not everybody knows that we also have to protect our scalp! When out and about, it’s actually the very first part of our bodies that gets burnt! That’s what frustrates me the most! Itchy scalp. Dandruff. What a major turn-off!


Dandruff is caused by a microorganism that lives on everyone’s scalp. The waste it generates irritates 50% of the global population. Heat and sweat can aggravate dandruff to those who are already prone to the condition as they can trigger more microbial growth. Sharing with you some fun facts:

  • high heat and humidity makes it conducive for the microorganisms to grow
  • heat makes the sebum or natural oil we produce on the scalp to be more fluid – causing it to spread more and get absorbed by the hair – causing hair to be greasy and lay flat on the scalp
  • to those who are sensitive to itch, that moment when you’re breaking a sweat can be an irritating experience as your sensors are heightened (which may be felt normally by non-dandruff sufferers).

We all want to stay fresh and cool all summer long but having dandruff is not cool at all. Good thing, New Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh treats dandruff symptoms such as flakes and itch by getting into the root cause – which is killing the microorganism.

Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh secret lies in the combination of advanced fragrance creation for a strikingly fresh scent of lemon blasts, with a novel product technology that enables thorough and lasting cleaning. It features a new & outstanding fragrance that lasts for hours, and works together with its dual zinc action formula to deliver a fresh and clean feeling that lasts.


We can always stay fresh and cool all summer long with Head & Shoulders!



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