Just Found My Newest Travel Buddy


I love to travel. Who doesn’t? It gives me the chance to explore the unknown and appreciate the “been there, done that” familiarity all over again. Going on adventures gives me the all-over-my-body tingly thrill. And I just love it! The world has been and always will be my happy place.


As you all know, I went to Japan last December with my friends. The sights and sounds of a new place give me over the top excitement! Of course, it’s a must that I stay connected with my family and friends when traveling. I also need to update my social media from time to time so it’s a must for me to travel with a portable wifi.


So let me introduce to you, my newest travel buddy, Flytpack. It’s basically a personal wireless modem that connects any Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the Internet with a secure network connection.  It’s now my ultimate must-have. Imagine, I can connect my laptop, tablet or mobile phone to the Internet while traveling anywhere, anytime. Because it’s frustrating when I don’t get decent and fast Internet connection when I want to share the beautiful sights with my readers live.



My Flytpack lets me connect up to 5 devices at the same time so my friends and I can just share! Imagine that!  So it saves us from costly data roaming, Wi-Fi hunting and loads of prepaid SIM card credits. How convenient! Did I mention it even doubles up as a power bank? What’s more, we don’t get lost in a new country where we’re visiting. Finding our way around is now so easy. Thanks to Flytpack we can access Google Maps and Waze! Saves us lots of precious time, money and energy. Yes, quite a steal, right?



I just have to say that traveling and connectivity, plus pocket Wi-Fi with an unbelievably long battery life has become hassle-free because of this.  Now I don’t go overseas without one and reservation is such a breeze.  A deposit of Php 2,800.00 will be requested upon payment and will be refunded back to you within 7-14 working days after the Travel Wi-Fi is returned to Flytpack.




Cherry Blossoms! AHH!




 Just follow these 3 easy steps to reserve:

Step 1: Book and pay online at at least 2 weeks in advance before your departure date. Rental services are based on daily rental rates instead of data consumption.

Step 2:  Router will be delivered to you at least one (1) day before your departure.

Step 3:  Enjoy Unlimited Wifi – definitely the best deal! One of my newest favorite travel buddies indeed!


Each Flytpack kit comes with a bag, flytpack unit, user manual, usb charger and universal adapter. Makes traveling so convenient!

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