What’s a girl like me got to do to get her cravings satisfied? My friends know how much I love Japanese food. And when I get that craving, I need it right away. PMS and hunger don’t go together so well, right ladies? Haha! Good thing Tokyo Tokyo keeps creating new dishes to satisfy those cravings—and I love how they have so many branches. So wherever you are, when you get that urge to eat Japanese food, Tokyo Tokyo is there for you. (Oh my, that could be their new slogan lol).


Tokyo Tokyo, in keeping up with its tradition of making quality and delicious Japanese food accessible to Filipinos, recreates this favorite dish with a line of beautifully—crafted Japanese beef rice bowls. I’ve tried the Beef Pepper Donburi and Beef SrirachaDonburi before, but a simple girl like me needs something classic too—good thing Tokyo Tokyo finally launched an all time favorite—the Beef Gyudon! When I went to Japan last year, this was my go-to dish after a full day of exploring. Now that Tokyo Tokyo launched this dish—I can finally have it anytime I want! Haha!


Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef Gyudon, with its thinly-sliced tender beef, simmered in sweet and savoury sauce with scrambled eggs served on a bowl of steaming rice, and topped with onion leeks and red pickled radish. Best part is, you can enjoy this authentic Japanese dish without breaking the bank! It is only P145—such a reasonable price especially for students and yuppies, don’t you think?



So, did this post make you crave yet? You too can satisfy your cravings at your nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch! Enjoy!

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