Exploring Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific


Hong Kong is one of the most on-the-go cities in the world. In fact, it is the country that I first went to. Who wouldn’t want to go to Hong Kong? It is the perfect place to have a first out of the country trip! Aside from being one of the closest in the Philippines, it is a packed city with breathtaking skyscrapers, endless shopping streets, amazing food choices, jaw dropping theme parks, and numerous tourist attractions and impressive transport system. It is one of my favorite cities that I would mind going back to over and over again.

Last month, I had a chance to go back to Hong Kong to revisit some places and explore new ones. So what would be the best way to start an amazing trip? Of course, booking the best airline to Hong Kong! Cathay Pacific is consistent in being one of the top airlines in the world and it is also the flag carrier airline of Hong Kong. I’ve heard so many good reviews about it so it made me more excited to fly again!

I’m the type of traveler who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in the airport especially if it is in NAIA. Since I live just twenty (20) minutes away from the airport, I always leave home two (2) hours before my flight as I don’t want to waste my time lounging in the boarding gates for hours. But since I’m flying with Cathay Pacific, I went 4 hours early to explore the newly built Cathay Pacific lounge. Yes, I’m that excited to stuff myself with Chinese food!!

It is my first time to fly with Cathay Pacific so I’m really excited! It’s now time to experience a #LifeWellTraveled.


The Cathay Pacific lounge in NAIA 3 offers a comfortable setting and understated luxury for First and Business Class passengers to relax before their flight. Once you enter the lounge, you can already feel the home-y ambiance with its furniture and lighting. The environment helps passengers to feel relaxed and at ease before the flight.


Well of course, Cathay Pacific lounge wouldn’t be complete without its famous dining area. Two (2) years ago, they added Cathay’s signature Noodle Bar. It is a popular feature of the airline’s world-renowned lounge at Hong Kong International Airport. The Noodle Bar offers a selection of Asian noodles freshly prepared by the chef. This is my favorite part of the lounge! I love noodles as much as I love rice. It’s my comfort food!


Don’t forget to enjoy the unlimited dimsum! I went all out! Heaven indeed!


Ordered Cathay’s signature drink – apple coconut kiwi before our flight!



For those who would want to have a few drinks, go to the Bar. This is where you can enjoy a wide selection of tapas, desserts, freshly blended cocktails and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

There are also three individual workstations with dual operating system of iMacs and printers. And yes, Free Wi-Fi access throughout the lounge.


Time to board! Laters, Manila!



Touchdown Hong Kong! Happy to be traveling with David, the Enciso sisters and the Aranaz family!


First stop: Disney Explorers Lodge

The Disney Explorers Lodge is the newest addition to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels. It is way different from the other two (2). This feels of the hotel lets you travel across Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa and get you into the spirit of adventure and experience exotic cultures.

The seven-storey hotel celebrates the age of exploration in the early 1920s with artifacts and memorabilia on display both indoors and outdoors. There are 750 rooms all designed like a true explorer’s room. The new hotel also features thousand pieces of art and artifacts from around the world on display. This will make you will like you’re in a movie set up! The exploration route suggested here lets guests and their loved ones discover the magic and enjoy a unique getaway experience! AHH! Take me to Paradise Falls please!




There’s also a gift shop inside the hotel. Very convenient to those to wants to buy some pasalubong!


Our room! Can you see Mickey Mouse in his explorer’s outfit? It is all over the room! Check out the lamps and headboards too, so cute!


Ready to explore!!


Quick lunch before we head to Disneyland!



After lunch, we went to the pool area to meet Donald and Daisy duck! Cuties!


Woot! First Disneyland adventure with David! Back-to-being-a-kid time! Every time I go to Hong Kong, I always go here. For me, it is a place where you can relive your childhood, be a kid at heart with no judgment, and scream out loud for your dear life while enjoying the rides!


It is quite late when we arrived at Disneyland so we only got to ride the newest attraction, The Iron Man Experience! Iron Man is my favorite Avenger by the way. The ride is quite chill….at first. So imagine riding inside a big car/tube/box (I don’t know how to describe it lol) and there’s big screen in front of you. Once the ride starts, the whole car will move in sync with the one playing on the screen. It let’s you feel like you are Iron Man, saving the whole city! Definitely a must try!


You can also get a chance to meet Iron Man and hug him just like what I did!


Waiting for the night parade to start!







Disneyland Fireworks never fails. So magical!

Now off to bed..


Day 2! Good morning!


My favourite part! Meet and greet with Mickey and friends during breakfast!



So happy I got to take a photo with Mickey!


We wanted to maximize our stay and surprisingly, I found out that guests staying at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s hotels are invited to join fun activities throughout the day at the recreation facilities of the hotels. You can spend morning movie time with Goofy at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, then embark on an afternoon poolside adventure at Disney Explorers Lodge, and end your day with an immersive Disney Story Time session maze at Hong Kong Disney Hotel.

We only did the movie time with Goofy in the morning because we wanted to go back to Disneyland in the afternoon. We planned to shoot at the Maze at Hong Kong Disney Hotel and surprisingly, there’s Taichi classes with Goofy too! So much fun!






Off to Disneyland again!



So happy to be traveling with these guys!


Time to ride my favorite rides again! If were to rank my top 3 rides, third would be – Iron Man Experience, second – Hyperspace Mountain and first – Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars! David, Vern and Verniece convinced me to try the RC Racer which I never rode before. At first, I didn’t want to do it, but we all need to conquer our fears so finally gave it a try! Well, it’s not so bad as I imagined it to be!



Hong Kong Disneyland will always be one of my favorite places in the world. Can’t wait to go back again!



On our last few days, we decided to explore the city side. Went to Mongkok for some night market shopping! David and I enjoyed walking around spotting for boutiques and some street food that we ended up failing to take photos for the blog.. whoops. Hehe!


Woke up early the next day to shoot at Victoria Harbour. It is my favorite place in the city to just chill and enjoy the view.




After a quick shoot, we met up with my cousin who is based in Hongkong for lunch. It was one of the best meals I’ve had in my life! It was also my first time to try blowfish. I heard only few Japanese chefs are qualified to cook it! Sorry, i only got to take a photo of the dessert! Yes, that’s all mine!!


Window-shopping at Tsim Tsa Tsui! Shopping for high-end brands was not part of our agenda so after a short walk, we went to Fa Yuen street.


Going to Fa Yuen street was my cousin’s recommendation. She told me that if you want to buy cheap finds (toys, t-shirts for pasalubong, bags and other stuff) go to Mong kok. But if you want to shop for affordable stylish pieces, go to Fa Yuen!


If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you noticed my denim skirt that I wore in Europe. This is where I bought it! I also bought some loose pants and cute tops. Well sadly, David wasn’t able to buy anything because the ones in the stores are not “fashyown” enough for him LOL.

After shopping, we head back in our hotel, got our bags and went straight to the airport



Checking in!

Hong Kong airport is the home of the most beautiful and exclusive lounges of Cathay Pacific. They have a total of five (5) business class lounges – (The Wing, The Bridge, The Cabin, The Arrival and The Pier) and two (2) First Class lounges (The Wing, First and The Pier, First). We have three (3) hours to spare at the airport so we went to the newest and biggest lounge, which is the Pier.

The Pier is located in Terminal One (1), near gate 63. The lounge is divided into two (2), the fast lane features a selection of food and beverage while the slow lane provides extensive couches and resting area.


Where to go first?

Upon entering the lounge, there’s a different feel that makes you want to stay the whole day. It’s so calm and quiet. Choose your spot.

Hungry? Go to the Noodle Bar, Food hall, The Bar or the Teahouse.






Want to take a quick shower? The lounge offers fourteen (14) shower suites equipped with premium bath products and towels for a convenient refresh ahead your flight.



Want to rest? Make yourself comfortable in the Relaxation Room featuring resting pods and loungers under a tranquil ambiance.


Need to work? Go to the Bureau where you can find iMacs, printers and high-speed web access in a suite.



Three (3) hours isn’t enough to fully enjoy this place. I only had two (2) bowls of noodles and slices of bread while waiting for our flight. Hopefully on my next trip, I’ll fly with Cathay Pacific again and I will make sure to spend half a day here.

Till my next travel!

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