Date with Kat Valdez


It’s been so long since Kat and I spent some quality time together. Before, we used to see each other almost everyday but we both got busy with events and personal trips for the past weeks. As soon as she got back from her recent trip, I texted her if we could meet to catch up.

Since I’m going to Japan next month, I’ve been starting to crave for Japanese food. I heard that Tokyo Tokyo has a newest offering this Christmas season so I asked Kat if we could meet there to find out what the newest treat is all about.

Tokyo Tokyo is the best on letting their customers experience a festive yet affordable treat. They’re giving us the best offering this season, the Mt. Katsu Sumo Meal!


The Mt. Katsu Sumo Meal comes with Mt. Katsu served with a heap of the Big Chicken Katsu topped with teriyaki sauce, onion rings and Japanese mayo, 4 pieces of prawn tempura, two bowls of unlimited steaming rice and two glasses of red iced tea for only P375. This meal is good for 2-3 persons. We tried this and surprisingly, we weren’t able to finish them all. There’s so much food!

If you plan to go out with a tight budget without sacrificing the quality of the food, this sumo meal is perfect for your group! A heavy serving of the delicious meal and its festive look will surely make an unforgettable holiday dining experience.





For those who wants to go solo, you can still enjoy Mt. Katsu ala carte with rice for only P189. They may also opt to upgrade their meal to a complete Bento meal with drinks and sides for only P244.


Kat and I were really surprised with this offering! I’m guessing we’ll be back again next week! A lunch date isn’t enough to catch up with this girl.



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