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4 Reasons Why I Love Baby Colognes


Let me share with you my latest discovery a few weeks back. This is something that’s not just for my age group but also for everyone else who wants to smell good.


Baby colognes are not just for babies. In fact, there was a time when I used this as my everyday perfume. Let me give you 4 reasons why I love it!

  1. It’s cheaper than the usual perfumes. Using high-end perfumes EVERYDAY is not practical especially for teenagers.
  2. I really love the sweet smell of baby colognes. It’s not too strong, just perfect!
  3. I’m a clingy type of person and I think that if I smell like a baby, people will hug me and cuddle me!
  4. It brings back a lot of childhood memories.


It was a fun filled afternoon bonding with my co-bloggers and readers at the launch of the newest cologne line: The Belo Baby Cologne. They introduced the 3 scents: Cool Drizzle, Happy Tickle and Sweet Snuggle. Each scent has a different feel that will match 3 different personalities.


Upon entering the venue, we were asked about our personalities if we are sweet, happy or a cool type of person. Any guesses what I picked? haha I picked cool!

So there were different activities per team. The team captain per team should pick the most creative one per group and there will be a prize for the winner.



Team Cool Drizzle (my team!) represented by captain leader Kaila Estrada made beaded bracelets.



My love, Tracy!


Team Happy Tickle represented by team captain Vern Enciso had a painting session.


And Team Sweet Snuggle represented by team captain leader Nicole Anderson decorated some cupcakes!





We all enjoyed the whole afternoon bonding with everyone! So happy that I made new friends while enjoying the scent of Belo Baby colognes. We can’t stop smelling the cologne bottles around us!

My personal favorite is Cool Drizzle, then followed by Sweet Snuggle then Happy Tickle. Well, all the 3 smell so good! You just need to match it on your personality and see what it fits you the most.




For more information about Belo Baby Colognes, like their Facebook page here.



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